You do not have a good supplier that offer you product with good quality, and the best parts of the products that you sell or need during the production process, it could happen that you will not get to keep your clients.

     That is what this chapter is so important.

     A supplier, basically, wants three things:
     a) That you buy from him (the more the better)
     b) That you pay
     c) Seriousness

     As a client of your supplier, you should ask for:
     a) Maximum quality in the product
     b) A good service
     c) The right price for the product
     d) Seriousness

     Since you are an entrepreneur with a great mind and you have not made inadequate expenses, use money from the company to buy personal things, or buy unnecessary machinery, then you have a good level of liquidity, which allows you to face your payments without problems.

     But what does it mean seriousness with your suppliers?

     For instance: if you order a certain quantity of products, do not call to modify the order. If you make any changes in the order try to do it as less as possible, otherwise it would not look serious from your company.

     If you have an agreement on how and when to pay, do not make changes about the deal frequently.

     When you receive an order that does not match your needs or it does not have the right quality, send it back specifying why that is not the product that you are looking for. It would not look good to send back an order in which you made a mistake, you ordered more quantity than what you need and you send ship it saying that is bad shape.

     When a supplier comes to visit treat him right. Do not make them wait and make them feel comfortable.

     Have a talk with your suppliers, and go over those things you like or you thing it could improve about the products from the supplier, and also compare them with the ones from the competence. Analyze if it is the right price for each product, but do not put too much pressure on prices, and follow these parameters:
     a) First Quality
     b) Second Service
     c) Third Price

     If you are interested in the products of a supplier because of the quality, but you only base your purchase on the price, it is possible that this supplier will not sell any products to your company. Therefore, you will have to find other suppliers with lower prices and also lower quality, which your client will notice.

     It is crucial to receive a great service from your supplier in order to serve your clients with a high quality service.
The delivery of the products must be pretty rigorous for you, since the production process and the delivery of the product to your clients in the estimate time depends on your suppliers. Be strict about this subject.

     Finally, pricing. Before evaluating prices, take into account the previous sections. A supplier that always has the products that you need is vital for your business, A supplier that has the product that you need only sometimes, that when you need them they are still not made, or that are not sure about the delivery time, is a pretty dangerous supplier and it could damage the progress of your business.

     If things are working out with a supplier do not change. If you have been working with a supplier over the years and there is a good relationship, then you will be able to ask for special orders at any moment. If you have been serious he will do it for you, and that could guide you to sign a contract with a client that will make a huge difference in your company.

     Only switch a supplier when you receive better quality and prices from someone else.