As stated in previous chapters, anything that you need, or any kind of support in the development of your activity/ business you could go to a professional that you could pay or hire an employee to develop the business for you.
Now we are going to talk about employees. I will give you generalized examples of mistakes that entrepreneurs usually do in this part.
     a.) Hire a family member, friend, or a mutual friend.
     b.) Be or become their friend.
     c.) Wants them to feel, live or work in the business like you.
     d.) The tardiness to make decisions

     The above examples usually occur when you comment the necessity of hiring someone for the business, and usually a friend or family member says:

     -Why don’t you hire Pepito? He is a good guy and these days he is having a hard time and you could lend him a helping hand.

     -But he does not know how to work in my business!

     Yes, but you could show him the work quickly.

     If a close family member pressures you with: Before you hire a stranger you should hire your brother-in-law, brother, nephew, the neighbors son, etc.

     Let’s analyze this. Are you a non-profit organization? Therefore, from a business point of view, you are not obligated to help anyone. If a person recommends someone just for being a good person, good for him, however you do not need a good person, you need a qualified professional with experience in the job position you are about to open up. This person will need to be able to help you in the evolution of your business and run some small errands that you might need. This person will need to start his work fast and with confidence that he knows what he is doing.
Never forget that what you need is to cover positions for a certain work. And it should not matter who occupies them. You only need to demand that person who knows the job and will do it in an effective manner.

     Think that the time that you will use to teach some one that might not learn or will take a long time to do the job; you cannot dedicate your time to other things. Besides the fact that the person could be a good person, but if he does not answer you in an appropriate manner and you lay him/her off, this could start a problem for you. You will have to give up those family members or friends and for some reason you will always be the bad guy. Say for example that the person you had to fire was a close family member, this could cause hard feelings between you and your family.

     Therefore, if it is not for the formation of your profession let it be what you need, avoid hiring family and friends. And even in that case, I would still avoid it because you never know what is going to happen throughout the life of your business.

     If it is not recommendable to hire family or friends that are not qualified for the job, the same goes for once you hire the adequate person for the job: do not allow a disrespectful tone, jokes, going out to the bars, and several other things that are not typical of a professional relationship.

     Make sure the job position itself is worthy of respect, and the relationship between it and the person that it offers. Therefore, the person who obtains the position should be respectable.

     Any job position deserves to be respected, and; therefore, the relationship between that employers and employees needs to be really respectful too.

     It is recommendable or even mandatory, to keep a polite treatment.

     An employee is not a friend. You have your friends in your private life.

     Do not get involved with personal problems of employees. They are their private problems and they need to solve them between their family and friends, never trough the company. This does not mean that you cannot help them in crucial moments. You always have to be there for especial occasions, but not for jokes, gossips or other kind of little problems related to family or friends. He is a person that does an activity for you in your business. But the business is yours. The problems related with the company are yours and your worries. An employee just needs to focus on putting the right knowledge to develop his duty. However, as I said the problems of the company are yours. Do not ask employees to get involved with your problems in the company, he will not be able to do it and it will not be positive.

     Never and ever have a general argument with all the employees. If you have something to say to some of them call them up to your office, let them explain themselves and then let them know what you think about the issue and provide them with facts if necessary. After this make a final decision, and let them know. We have been talking about hiring employees; however, it could happen that we need to fire some employees.

     I have met small employers that facing a decrease in sales have made the wrong choices in that moment.
His sales keep decreasing since they are going through a general crisis in the sector, a bad time, need for modern technology, etc., prolonging the agony of the business with the hope that there will be a positive change that will turn things around. They are blind, and laying to themselves. Saying: Seems like things are going better.I think that times are getting better.Etc.

     But reality is that things are not getting better, and expenses are higher than revenues for a long time by now.

     Businesses are not death. They are alive, in constant evolution and transformation influenced by several factors: global economy, your sector´s expansion, the position of your business in the market, etc. This is why your company needs to be constantly adjusting to external factors, having the right machinery according to your production level, and the right number of employees. If at some point you need to reduce the number of employees, then you will have to do it.

     Your business is like a boat floating on the ocean. If to save it is necessary to have a lighter weight, you will have to do it, so when the storm passes you will be able to recover the weight that you lost. However, if the boat sinks you will not be able to navigate and you will lose it all.

     A big mistake is permitting that your company can be transformed into a family business, just because it is of a really small size.

     - We have a family environment.

     -No! A family business is the one that is directed by family members, directly or indirectly. Your business is not a family business; it is your own business. Having a great environment at work, does not mean that it needs to be a family business.

     More than one employer closed down his business because they did not dare to fire some employees because they had really deep reasons: He has been a long time with me. He just got married. He just got a loan to pay a house. He has several kids. What is he going to do after this?

     And a long list of reasons that always are personal and not professional reasons.
When things are going bad your worst enemy is time. It will run against you, since your profits are smaller than your expenses, leaving you with liquidity problems, and in the worst case having to use your personal money to keep running the company.

     After a period of time in this situation you could not paid wages, insurances, phone bills, suppliers, taxes etc. And then you will have to fire people in a forced way which will cause you to pay compensations, indemnities, etc.

     - Why all of this?

     Because you did not make the right decisions to keeps your business floating. You were blind by your feelings, when you needed to act in a professional way and objectively.

     In your professional and labor life, and the evolution of your business you will need to create job openings and take advantage of them. Do both things. Your business is alive and you need to be constantly adapting to the times you are going through.

     We said that you need to buy machinery only when you have clients for it, well, you should only create jobs when you have enough demand that requires more employees making your business more profitable and to increase the quality of your service. In the same way you will have to fire employees when the times ask for it.

     You create or eliminate jobs depending on the evolution of the business.

     If you do not relate them with the employees that occupy them, things will go better both during good and bad times.