How is a business supposed to grow?

     The growth of your business is not supposed to be slow nor fast.

     It’s understandable that you may be thinking:

         -What an answer!!

     It’s true. However the truth is only you could answer this question because it depends on various factors and situations. For example it will depend on: if you wish to have a satisfactory family life or if you are willing to overcome the problems related with a big corporation (more employees, higher financial risks…). If for instance, you are willing to make business relations with other shareholders, perhaps you rather to run a small business, being in direct contact with employee and the company in general, or if you prefer to have a big company with less contact with the daily life of the company. And a long number of aspects that only you could answer. It is possible that you could achieve a great company from nothing, but in the end you will ask yourself at what cost did you achieve everything and if it was worth losing what you once had.

     In conclusion, only you could decide the dimension of your business.

     Nevertheless let’s not think what could happen far ahead, let´s return to our beginning.

     If time passed, things are going good, the business favorably evolved, you are earning money and everything is smiling in your favor. This is called Being Drunk on Success: We believe that we have achieved everything, that it will always be that way and there is nothing left to do. Only keep everything as it is. It is a big mistake. As I have told you, the economy and businesses are living entities that are in constant mutation.

     We are at this point where we start to spend money on personal things (houses, apartment, parties, etc.) money that is not yours. THE MONEY BELONGS TO THE BUISNESS. IT DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU. You give yourself a salary, from which you need to live off. You pay for your own whims, never the business. Do you know why? It’s very simple. When the business is not generating as much money as it does now, it will ask for it. When you have to extend the facilities, or when rough times arrive, your business will ask for it.

       - There was a time when I made profit. Where is the money now? I need it now.

     Now try to answer the question and say where the money is, now that it is needed. Tell your business that you spent the money on high- end cars, parties, the apartment on the beach, trips, on…

     The business’s response would be:

     - Well go find the money if you want me to keep running.

     Usually the effect of hedonism could happen.

     - I am marvelous. I am the only one that knows about that. I am the best…
And you believe you do not need to continue to improve your technology, or your constant learning. You think that everything is already done. You cannot control your competition, always active, or the evolution of your sector, what will bring you down sooner than later with a negative evolution diminishing your sales; and finally to an emotional stress, since you do not understand what went wrong to pass from great profits to be losing money.

     Well what just happened is simple: you have been drunk in success.

     Be prudent and control with caution success. Remember the ancient roman emperors, when returning from a victorious battle, the crowd would throw roses and cheer their name. During these times the roman emperor would always have a slave behind him in his chariot constantly repeating: “Remember fame is a mayfly”.

     This way the emperor would try not to get drunk and lose sense of reality. The same goes for you: remember that neglected success can be a mayfly, do not lose control of reality and continue working like you always have. Above everything your objective is to raise your business to the top, I mean, that it was just a simply business could be considerate a big corporation one day.

     My friend, if you achieve this, great for you. Congratulations. However, now you will start playing in the first league and that is a whole new level.

     The experience, the knowledge that you have accomplished, will be able to help you confront new challenges: are you still alone or you want to join someone? Do you accept the offer of….? Are you prepared to compete at that new level? At this level your competitors are not anchovies like you. Now you have to share the water with sharks.

     We could open the variants that these questions offer and develop them. However, it’s not the topic of this book, that tries to reach those who are about to start a business.

     Nevertheless, if you realize it your professional life will develop in a pile of questions, and constant challenges.
Keep your spirits up. Be smart, persistent, and you will succeed in this new journey.