If you are young, its normal be looking for or be with someone who is your girlfriend/ boyfriend or your partner.

     What usually happens is that your plan you future together.

     I am not going to get in to attitudes, profiles, values, physical, morals, and other personal characteristics that made you choose to be with this person. However, what is important is that he or she knows your project, your dream, whatever you plan to dedicate yourself professionally.

     This is why it is necessary to ask that person (girl/boyfriend, wife/husband) what she/he thinks of your project.
Ninety percent of the times the response is both. Good or bad: I think it a great idea. I am excited with this idea. I think you can do it. I will support you.

     Or the other response could be: That is your own business. You can decide yourself what you do or do not do. Anyways, it is a not a good idea.

     If you get the support of your partner the journey will be easy, especially during difficult moments that will come. Your partner will help being your support and encouragement and even motivation to face them. They will encourage you by saying: Come on honey, you can to this, I am sure that you will get out of this slump, do not let that bring you down, etc.

     If it were not like that your loneliness would feel greater and in difficult moments you would find yourself listening to: It does not surprise me that things are not going well. I already knew it was not a good idea. But you wanted to do this… never mind. You know what you are doing and how to find the solution. Do no tell me about it…..
Observe that it is not the same working and concentrating on your business in the last case.

     However, in either case you need to keep present that the problems of the business stay in the business and there the solutions are made. Family problems stay at home and do not get brought back to the business. Your employees, clients, suppliers… do not need to support your bad attitude due to your problems at home. Likewise your family does not need to endure a husband, wife, father, mother, or son angry, with tension, arguments, and unsupportable because this and that occurred at the business.

     The house and the business are two different places that you need to clearly understand. When you arrive home you need to leave your business problems at the front door and when you go back out of your house you pick them back up and take them to work with you.

     There is a joke that I want to share with you that illustrates what I am trying to explain: One Friday someone calls to the home of a business man, whom was with this family. The caller says “Mr. José, Mr. José, your office is burning!” The business man replies “WOW I am going to have a really bad Monday!”

     The same goes to you, but not to that extreme.

     When you are with the family it is family time, not business time.

     The same way when you are at the business, your time, mind and concentration are supposed to be dedicated to that activity and no constant escapes to the bar with the excuse that you are going to visit friends or you are planning activities for the weekend. It is time to work.

     If you get to manage your time, you will be more concentrated at a personal level and you will enjoy everything with major intensity. It is not good to procrastinate at work with things to do with your family, nor is it positive to think about work when you are at home with your family.