The Old Testament states that God banished Adam and Eve from the Paradise and told them: “You will earn your bread from sweat of your forehead.

     If we analyze the evolution of man from the time of Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal, etc. until today, we see that throughout time there was work to be done.

     Initially their work was hunting. Man hunted animals for their substance and for their community of tribe. Women world tan the animal hide which served them as clothing to protect from the cold. All of the people had a chore. As species evolved and the tribe grew, each member of the tribe was assigned a task. Some hunted, others did pottery, others did security, and others discovered new territories, others… So on and so forth until modern day.

     Little has changed today; each member of your community develops a job or profession.

     Therefore, to perform a labor for one’s community is intrinsic or real, which we call work.

     That no something optional or questionable. No one can say... “I don’t work!” That is not possible. One way or another every person works, including the ones we think do not. Even the ones we believe don’t lift a finger do work. Analyze it and you will see that it is this way. I would be different if it was about an activity that would be considered major or minor effort. But they work.

     All that has been said and seen, what else is left to do but work. How to do it?

     There are two options: First: Work with a positive attitude. Second: work with a negative attitude.

     For example, say you have a hobby, does not matter what it is, when you find it, when you get in to it, you are almost always concentrated and trying to do it the best way possible.

     Let’s say you play soccer and you get with some friends on Sundays to play a game.

     When you are on the field you usually concentrate one hundred percent, and you result making good passes, with total effort to defend your position, you do everything possible for the team. Your team wins; this victory is satisfying, because you participated. With your hard effort, not only physical but also mental, you helped your team win. And if it is a league and your team get the top positions or ascend to a higher level... What a great satisfaction. You feel great. You have reached joy and you are happy!

     The same goes with a business. It is a team where you have work to do. However, in this instance you are like the coach (boss), the captain (we can say that you are the one in charged), and your players are there (which in this instance would be your employees or workers). Each and every one of them have a mission to do in this business (or we can also call a soccer field) and depending on how they play, how they get along as a team, the business will win or lose. If the business wins, in other words depends on how many products get sold and what quantity. The effort of the employees (players) to give one hundred percent to the job, (alignment on the field) results in a victory against the competitors and this why they could go on to the next level. In other words, to become greater, have a better position in the market, and you should feel satisfied with that. With your participation and effort in the company (soccer field) you achieved victory.

     This has an added advantage, which is that you get paid for it. You get a salary.

     As you are happy you practice your hobby, be happy at your position at work. It will give you not only professional but as well as personal satisfaction.

     In modern times everything is rushed, changes that are produced in the field of communication, the competitiveness between different business, the need of imperative which the benefits become greater in the short run etc. which makes us become prepared, roles that have recently existed between business and worker are changing because the rules have changed at a global level, which without a doubt we are immersed in them that occur in any country. Even though it may seem far, it could have consequences in our way directly or indirectly in a long or short amount of time. We all remember how not to long ago , when a person entered to work at a bank ,at RENFE, phone company, etc., they would have the job for the rest of their life in the same city or town. Now we are seeing that it is no longer like that. There no long exists a guarantee or the security that you will be able to keep your job for a life time and this is being seen worldwide.

     Let’s not forget technology, the rate at which it is advancing in this field, technology, modern systems of production, produce same about of product that it would take fifteen people to do, it is more efficient and reliable. This industry obligate companies to lower prices daily in order to maintain a spot in the marker and to continue to compete with their competitors.

     Hence, everyday companies require their staff to go through more training, and since the stuff is smaller the qualifications are higher. Nowadays, knowledge is more profitable than physical work.

     The only capital that owns an employee is his knowledge and attitude towards work.

     Your knowledge is really positive, and provides you with the tools required to do your job. But what it is going to help you the most and make you more valuable, is your experience. And the only way to get it is working at a company.

     I have heard employees say: My company pays me a really low salary.

     Well, I do not know if when you will start working the company will pay you low or not. But that is not what you really need to think about when you start. You need to take into account the experience and learning that is going to be provided to you in your profession. Salary is important, no doubt, but is not the only valuable thing. You need to add, as I told you, the possibilities of getting training, knowledge and experience in that company.

     In a company there are several departments. Take advantage of the opportunities that you have to learn. Not just about your part but about the whole picture. Learn, learn, and learn. And then learn more. It will be your experience, your capital, and what you are going to offer to your company or the ones in the future.

     You are only worth what you know. The more you know, the more you are worth. Always keep in mind that what you really sell is yourself and nothing else. You sell your capacity to develop a business activity.

     If you know how every department works your possibilities of getting promotions will be higher.

     If this is not possible in this company, take your knowledge and go somewhere else. Developing your job in the wrong way, with little responsibility and dedication will guide to the following:

     First: If you acquire, internally, develop an un-energized attitude can cause problems of low self-esteem, difficultly to integrate with co-workers, work environment, etc…

     Second: You are a bait of being fired; as a result you will have an uncomfortable work environment:

     - Since I do not get paid enough, I work less and as a consequence I got fired… I do not receive the correct amount of salary, I work less, I get laid off…. And the cycle continues.

     The employer or business company that hired you did so because they trust you and believe that you are able to carry out the duties of the job in a responsible and effective manner.

     For this reason, you should think to yourself that someone believes in you. This person (your now new employer) has put their trust in you instead of all the others that have applied to the job. They have considered you to be qualified and capable. They have offered you the opportunity to improve your skills and knowledge.

     Do not waste your time on other things. You can take advantage of this opportunity and the time and lose it with excuses.

     You must always keep a positive attitude towards work. You have to improve your attitude in the best way possible and try as much as you can. You have to do it not only for the company, but for yourself, for your self-esteem, and for your own life philosophy.

     If you have a negative attitude, than you are always going to be bitter and you will never accomplish anything positive. With a negative attitude you will not learn. You will not be concentrated and your life could go through frustrations, company let goes. All of this could cause you to feel out of place socially and feel uncomfortable at work.